Stefania and Pierluigi started The Algae Factory BV in 2014 during their studies at Wageningen University.

The Algae Factory develops innovative food products for people that choose not to compromise, but to eat and stay healthy by shifting to a more sustainable lifestyle.

Spirulina is used in our products as it is rich in essential nutrients like proteins, vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids and Omega 3 and 6. This superfood has been nominated by FAO “a powerful tool to fight malnutrition” for its complete nutritional profile.

Sustainability is for us not only a word but rather the belief that we can truly make a difference. Together with our NGO partner Antenna France we are supporting the development of Spirulina farms in Africa in the fight against malnutrition by giving back to the communities that provide us this precious ingredient.

In 2017, The Algae Factory started a join venture with Alga Tarifa SL which produces Spirulina in closed circuit, in total absence of external contamination. This allows to obtain a pure product and of superior quality.

Alga Tarifa benefits from the thirty years of experience in the field of microalgae of its founder, Dr. Giovanni Andrea Gregorini Ventura, and its patented Technology of the bioreactor in a closed circuit.

This Technology was patented in the ‘99 by Dr. Gregorini Closed circuit photobioreactor Patent WO 1999061577 A1 year 1999.


Photobioreactor PBR 4000 G IGV Biotech

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